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Nomination for ABN Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer are now open. Please do consider if you could stand, or could encourage a colleague to stand for these important roles.

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Save the date Wednesday 9 - Friday 11 May 2018.

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ACCEA 2016

ACCEA has secured Ministerial clearance to run a 2016 national awards round and the 2016 round opened on 11 March. All completed applications must be submitted to ACCEA by 5pm on Monday 16 May 2016. 

Both the RCP and the ABN have opened nominations for Clinical Excellence (previously known as Distinction) Awards.  The ABN intends to follow the RCP planned timetable (see link here ) with a deadline of 23:59 Sunday 27 March 2016.

The process covers awards at Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels, in England and Wales.  


Applications are most successful when support from both the RCP and the ABN is obtained.  It is therefore strongly recommended that you apply to both organisations for support. As in previous years we will accept completed RCP forms, however it should be noted that the RCP applications this year are online (there is an opportunity to save and email a copy of the application form toward the end of the RCP process). The ACCEA forms are available via the links below.  All applications also have to go thorugh the online application system

Writing an ACCEA application

ACCEA application guidance

ACCEA personal statements from new award holders in the 2015 round


ACCEA application forms (all)

Form A Application form

Form B Citation

Form D Research and innovation

Form E Teaching and training

Form F Leadership management


The process will cover awards at Bronze, Silver, Gold   Levels, in England and Wales. Separate procedures apply to Northern Ireland,   Scotland, and the Defence Medical Services. Awards at Platinum Level are recommended under a different procedure, via the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges at the RCP. Below is a summary of the advice to ABN  Consultant Members. The deadline  for receiving completed nomination forms in the ABN Office is 23:59 Sunday 27 March 2016


 General Introduction on the Scheme
Clinical excellence awards recognise and reward NHS consultants who perform ‘over and above’ the standard expected of their role.  Awards are given for quality and excellence, acknowledging exceptional personal contributions.  To be considered for an award, you will have to demonstrate achievements in developing and delivering high quality patient care, and commitment to the continuous improvements of the NHS.  Members are referred to the ‘Guide for Applicants’ which is available from the Department of Health website.

The ABN is permitted to nominate the following:  12 bronze, 5 silver and 4 gold.  ACCEA does not invite platinum nominations from specialist societies.

There are 12 levels of award.  In England, levels 1-8 are awarded locally (employed based awards) and levels 10-12 (silver, gold and platinum) are awarded nationally in England and Wales.  Level 9 awards (bronze) in England can be awarded locally as employer based awards or nationally.  ACCEA and its sub committees recommend individuals for bronze, silver, gold and platinum awards.  Applications for levels 1-9  are recommended by employer based committees.

The ABN has ACCEA approval as a nominating body for higher awards, and any neurologist who intends to apply for a clinical excellence award in 2016 is encouraged to apply also for ABN support by sending us a copy of your completed self nomination form. It is also advisable to apply to the RCP for support.

If you already hold discretionary points, or a level 1-8 award, or commitment awards in Wales or no award, you may apply for a bronze award.

Those holding a bronze award may apply for a silver award.  Those members holding a B distinction award may apply for a silver award ONLY.

Those members holding a silver award may apply for a gold.

If you have a national award already and are submitting a 5-yearly review application, we suggest that you apply the same attention to this as you would to a new application. There may be pressure on the total number of awards, so you should make the case for renewal as strongly as possible.

Those Nearing Retirement
Whilst there is no upper age limit for applications, ACCEA aims to reward continuing, sustained contributions, and so not expect applications from consultants intending to retire in the near future.

Part Time Consultants
Those working part time are eligible for clinical excellence awards, and will be paid on a pro rata basis.

In order for the ABN Clinical Excellence Awards (CEA) Panel to rank and score applications, and prepare citations for those on that list, the closing date for applications to the ABN will be 23:59 Sunday 27 March 2016

The ABN CEA Panel consists of the following members: 

                   President (Phil Smith)

                   President-Elect (Mary Reilly)
                   Honorary Secretary (Kevin Talbot)
                   Honorary Assistant Secretary (David Burn)
                   Two members of Council
                   Lay member

Ranking of Applications
The ABN CEA Panel individually scores each of the six domains on each application (personal statement, delivering a high quality service, developing a high quality service, managing a high quality service, research and teaching) and rank the resulting list in priority order. 

The ABN CEA Panel will then prepare citations for individual applications (to be used by the Royal College and also later by ACCEA itself), inevitably concentrating upon their specialist and national contributions. We wish citations to be as accurate and supportive as possible, so if you have a preference for any particular senior neurologist to write your ABN citation please let us know.  It is, however, essential that those writing citations should NOT to be from the same institution as yourself.

Those who are included on the ranked ABN lists will be informed by the ABN office.




Nomination for ABN Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer are now open. Please do consider if you could stand, or could encourage a colleague to stand for these important roles.

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Save the date Wednesday 9 - Friday 11 May 2018.

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